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The house position of the Sun in the SR chart shows where which areas of life the individual wants to shine. The individual will take pride in this part of his or her life, and a big ego investment lies in this area.

The Venus Synodic Cycles Visual Tutorial

He or she has the opportunity to rejuvenate this area. What kind of aspects does the Sun make? See interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect. The position of the Moon by house and sign will show where your heart is, so to speak.

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If, for example, the Solar Return Moon is in Libra in the 5th house, you will likely to be emotionally tied up in, and concentrated on, love and relationship. More than simple fluctuations will be in store in this area of life if, for example, the Moon is also forming a square to Pluto in the Solar Return chart. Profound changes are likely to occur here. Read more about the Solar Return Moon by sign, house, and aspect. For example, if Solar Return Venus is opposite Solar Return Neptune, especially if Venus also rules the second house in the Solar Return, you might presume that either this coming year there is less emphasis on materialism, or that your income might be fluctuating and somewhat unstable.

Also, note the qualities of the dominant signs of the year cardinal, fixed, or mutable. This is also true when the Sun is conjunct a Solar Return angle. The most significant critical degrees in Solar Return interpretation are 29 degrees and 0 degrees of any sign. I do look at the classic critical degrees as well but as a secondary consideration.

Mercury squares this opposition, forming a T-square. All planets involved are in the foreground angular , in prominent positions in the Return chart.

Free Solar Return Report

Many different issues came to the fore in the year in question. Most notably, her good friend with whom she maintained a friendship with for a few years, committed suicide and a murder on the same day. Ann, of course, struggled with this tragedy for some time after it happened. She struggled with guilt did she ignore signs he may have been displaying? If we had looked at the Solar Return chart before the events happened, we would not have been able to predict what actually happened. The solar return chart on the birthday provides a snapshot of the coming year; but modern astrologers must decide which of four possible charts to use depending upon choices of precession and location.

Here, Demetra George explains a simple Hellenistic timing technique that sidesteps all this confusion and evaluates the solar return within the context of a time lord procedure called annual profections. Learn how to determine which house topic and planetary lord are in charge of the life for the year and how well their natal agenda will unfold during their annual term as time lords.

Skip to content. Description Reviews The solar return chart on the birthday provides a snapshot of the coming year; but modern astrologers must decide which of four possible charts to use depending upon choices of precession and location. Customer Reviews 5 Based on 1 Reviews. You are more sensitive and impressionable which causes instability and changeability. Relations with those around you.

If poorly aspected can bring illness. Poor aspect to Saturn brings little intimacy; to Neptune or Mercury brings gossip and criticism; with Mars brings arguments and disputes. In a fixed sign and poor aspect to Saturn the change will not take place or will cause insurmountable difficulties. Makes you dissatisfied with the home. Crop failures; poor harvests; but if well aspected favors agriculture. If Moon is benefic luck in gambling or lotteries. If Cancer governs the third or ninth and is not in a fixed sign, brings trips for pleasure.

Also, if Moon is in third or ninth and governs the fifth. If Moon opposes ASC brings fluctuations in health; in feminine charts favors conception. Increases intuition; moments of inspiration. If the Moon rules that is Cancer rules the seventh natal or annual can promise marriage.

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Don't start a business. Good for anyone whose life relies on mental pursuits; writers, teachers, etc. If afflicted brings family fights if it is afflicted by Mars. Favors students, technical instruction if Mercury is not too afflicted. Afflictions make mental work difficult. If afflicted brings misunderstandings with that person.

Shows a social proposal such as marriage. Afflicted by Mars, Uranus or Pluto to Mercury brings hasty acts or judgments. If Mercury is linked by good aspect or by Gemini or Virgo ruling the second, eighth, or tenth, these will be advantageous and bring benefit. Brings more clientele to business persons.

In Virgo or well aspected is connected with secret schemes or production arrangements which are kept secret. Well aspected brings an easy year and favors worldly success. Brings luck in business especially in Taurus, Libra or Pisces, or if well aspected; If afflicted by Mars, Jupiter or Uranus, brings extravagance and disorder in finances. Especially strong in charts of those who use writing, communication, teaching, etc.

Brings help from parents; good for farmers, landlords, mines, etc. If linked to money houses 2nd, 8th brings success in speculation or gambling, lottery. Often seen in years of the birth of a child. Afflicted brings danger of disease to genitals or nearby organs.

ASTROGRAPH - Solar Return Chart and Report

If Venus is well aspected and retrograde the marriage will occur later than you wish. Afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Uranus, or Neptune brings social scandal, usually from complications in a love affair. Brings satisfaction from friendships, support and encouragement from a woman or from the sympathies of a woman. Well placed and aspected protects you from twelfth house machinations.

In Aries and Scorpio, or with a Mars aspect to Venus brings dissatisfaction and increases sensuality. If the natal Venus is in the second house finances will suffer; in the fourth the home will suffer; real estate, parents will suffer. If afflicted makes you irritable, brutal, impatient, etc. For any planet in poor aspect to Mars, there will be fighting with or over things involving the house where the other planet is or by the house Mars governs the houses with Aries and possibly Scorpio on the cusp.

You are more sensual especially if Mars is linked to Venus by aspect. If Mars is in aspect to Neptune it brings a useless expenditure of energy on a project that will not bring what you hoped for Neptune dissolves. If poorly aspected brings problems and difficulties with money. If Mars is in poor aspect care while traveling is needed especially by car.

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If Mars is in air or fire signs brings a year of great mental activity. If afflicted and connected to the ASC or sixth house brings digestive troubles; stomach or intestinal illness, or reproductive organs are affected. In a very unfavorable return and when Mars is in aspect with a great number of planets brings a misfortune striking the parents, property, or home as a fire; death; discord in the family; public disaster, etc. It can bring misbehavior on the part of the one you are romantically attached to.

If Mars is in Capricorn and superimpositions are good and Mars is unafflicted, brings good health. A poor position for employees and subordinates as you want to be independent at work and may take on a project you can't handle, or it can cause conflicts at work. If Mars is conjunct the seventh house cusp you take risks and may even commit a violent social act but such action will not succeed unless Mars is well aspected.

Poor placement for legal action. If Mars rules Aries or Scorpio on the cusp the eleventh, third or fourth house it can show a death of someone in your circle as shown by which house it rules.

Solar Returns in Astrology - Tips for Beginners

Brings dangerous trips, auto accidents. Can make you doubt and be skeptical or spontaneously convert as. If Mars is very afflicted it brings misfortune or disgrace; predisposes you to take risks and dangerous actions especially in fire signs , or makes you careless in business matters. Plans are larger than your ability to achieve them. If Mars is poorly aspected, brings arguments and fights and circumstances.

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Friends will oppose your fulfilling your hopes. Afflicted and in water signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces brings sexual excesses or immoral and even criminal tendencies. If Jupiter is not too afflicted, the year will be favorable, or at least more easy. Brings luck in money matters.

If Jupiter is retrograde it does not prevent the expansion but the profits will not be realized, and, the expansion will not make you happy. A good aspect from Uranus and Neptune and maybe Pluto to Jupiter often shows you will escape an accident as if my miracle, providential. The last part of the year is better than the beginning.

Afflicted increases tendency to risk which brings loss in questionable enterprises or some misunderstandings in love.

Annual Profections and the Solar Return Chart

If afflicted, the blood must be purified and you must avoid excesses. If Sagittarius or Pisces rules the first or the fifth there is a danger of health disorders as a result of pleasure. Afflicted it demands greater reserve. People may abuse your confidence.


Afflicted, increases debts and brings annoyances in this area. Favors all connected with this house. If Jupiter is afflicted, pay attention to credit and financial obligations.

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