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10 Tips for Electional Astrology

Venus can represent the bride and Mars can represent the groom in a heterosexual relationship. The Sun and Moon can also be used to represent both partners in a relationship; where the Sun is used instead of Mars and the Moon is used instead of Venus. It's favourable for the marriage if Venus and Mars are in sextile or trine to each other. Venus should be in sextile or trine with the ascendant or descendant.

The Moon in Scorpio should be avoided as the Moon is in its fall and can show possessiveness and secretiveness in the marriage. The ascendant shows the character of the marriage or civil partnership. Saturn can bring limitations and delays. If's unfavourable in angular houses and is best placed in cadent houses.

Conjunctions to Saturn show misunderstandings, feelings of sadness and neglect. Uranus should be kept out of the 1st house and 7th house to avoid unexpected events that can affect the wedding, especially the people in the marriage or civil partnership.

The ascendant in a fixed sign is favourable for a long lasting marriage. The Sun and Moon should be in sextile or trine with each other. The planetary rulers for the ascendant and descendant should be in sextile or trine with each other to have a favourable influence on the relationship. Venus in retrograde is unfavourable for marriage or civil partnerships. The Moon in Leo is favourable for strong and well matched couples. Mars in the 7th house is unfavourable for a partnership, there can be passion but there may also be arguments.

Choosing a proper date for marriage

An Aries ascendant can indicate a short lived relationship, possibly due to selfishness. A Libra ascendant shows fairness and harmony in a marriage or civil partnership. A Pisces ascendant can show romance but there may also be deception. When the Moon is in the sign ruling the relevant part of the body it can be favourable for non-surgical procedures but unfavourable for surgical procedures.

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A void of course Moon is favourable for tests where it is hoped that no serious illness will be diagnosed. Usually a void of course Moon should be avoided for surgery. Mars in retrograde has a detrimental influence on surgery. It indicates there may be difficulties with the surgery or it may not have the desired outcome. Any square aspects to Saturn can indicate long term problems and a slow recovery.

Plan Your Life with the Stars. Simple Electional Astrology Rules with Krasi & Astrolada

Any square aspects to Neptune can show potential problems with anaesthetic, medication or infection. The New Moon and 5 days before and after the New Moon are favourable for surgery, especially to keep pain and blood loss to a minimum. The Full Moon and 5 days before and after the Full Moon are unfavourable for surgery as it's easier to feel pain and lose blood.

Moving into a new home starts when the owner or resident enters the home, or when the first object is moved into the new home. The planetary ruler of the ascendant should be in conjunction, sextile or trine with the planetary ruler of the 4th house. If the new home is not rented and the person or people moving home want to stay there for a long time the ascendant should be in a fixed sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Do not move home when Mercury or Venus are in retrograde. Mars in the 4th house can show there will be arguments and accidents. Saturn in the 4th house can show unhappiness and potential loneliness. Uranus in the 4th house can indicate unexpected events, especially associated with electricity. Pluto in the 1st house can indicate a stressful and intense experience when moving home. Home based businesses can be represented by the 4th house. Business partnerships can be represented by the 1st house and the 7th house. Lunar square aspects and the void of course Moon should be avoided.

A waxing Moon is favourable for the growth of the business, a waning Moon is unfavourable for the growth of the business. The ascendant ASC describes the person who owns the business.


It's best if the planet that represents the business is prominent and well aspected. The Sun in the 10th house is favourable for enhancing the reputation of the business. The 10th house shows the reputation of the business, aims and achievements. The 11th house represents people who are allies to the business.

Moon in Aries is favourable for a taking the intiative to start a business.

Electional astrology – Case study with a happy end - Catherine Sinclair Astrology

Moon in Gemini isfavourable for a business based on communication but not a business that requires routine and repitition. Moon in Cancer for a business based on caring for people. Moon in Leo for a business that requires a bold approach and will attract attention from the public.

Good for businesses in entertainment. Moon in Virgo is favourable for businesses that require attention to detail. Moon in Libra is favourable for legal firms and businesses in the beauty industry. Moon in Scorpio for businesses associated with birth, sex or death. Moon in Sagittarius for businesses associated with foreign travel. Moon in Capricorn for starting a business to fulfil own ambitions and to attain success through hard work and discipline. Moon in Aquarius for unconventional businesses or businesses that require inventive ideas. An electional chart for an organisation is created for the time when the organisation is formed.

What is Electional Astrology?

When an organisation exists any member of it, whether they are a board member or the chairperson is represented by the ascendant. Square aspects to the Moon and the void of course Moon should be avoided. The waxing Moon is favourable, the waning Moon is unfavourable. Saturn in the 6th house can show people who work for or volunteer are likely to work hard for the organisation. An Aquarius ascendant is favourable for astrological associations. The 1st house shows people who are part of the organisation and the character of the organisation. The 2nd house shows the finances of the organisation and what it values.

The 3rd house shows the environment around the organisation and how it communicates.

The 4th house shows how the organisation functions at its head quarters. The 6th house represents the volunteers and workers of an organisation. The 8th house shows losses and gains through death or resignation, investments and it can also represent the treasurer of an organisation. The 9th house represents long distance communication and travel as well as foreign affairs.

The 10th house represents the organisation, the person or people in a position of authority in the organisation. The 11th house shows allies and associates of the organisation. The 12th house can show hidden opposition to the organisation as well as work behind the scenes. Electional Astrology. What is Electional Astrology? Rules for Electional Astrology. Planets in Electional Astrology. SUN: Places of gambling; jewellery shop; gives strength. A void of course Moon shows a lack of action. The waning Moon is favourable for reducing debt. Electional Astrology for advertising.

Avoid Mercury retrograde. Avoid the void of course Moon.

Ep 2 Transcript – Benjamin Dykes on Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology for buying a car. Electional Astrology for buying or selling land or property. Avoid a time when the Moon is void of course. The 4th house represents the land or property. Electional Astrology for conception fertility. The Moon opposite Saturn is unfavourable for conception.

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