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It begins with a black Hummer driving to the facility at an unknown location. Video clips from Eminem 's single " Without Me " are seen playing in the entrance on flat screen TVs. Dre are seen looking down at the lab from a lab balcony with windows. Atwell commented, "I think I could have done better with it, but I really liked the way that it turned out".

He said, "creatively, I felt like we were able to put guns in a video and have it play. And I like it when you are able to play within the standards and still give the artist something symbolic of what they are going for. The video ends with the camera zooming out of the club to reveal a two-way mirror with Eminem and Dr.

Dre in white lab uniforms, observing 50 Cent and taking notes. Atwell stated that "seeing 50 with Dre and Em having his back is as big a visual statement as it is a musical statement" and the shot was significant because it made clear the club was inside the center and not unrelated performance footage. In January , 50 Cent was sued for copyright infringement by former 2 Live Crew manager Joseph Weinberger, who owns the rights to the rap group's catalog. He claimed that 50 Cent plagiarized the lines "it's your birthday" from the eponymous second track of former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell 's album Freak for Life also known simply as Freak for Life.

District Judge Paul Huck , who ruled that the phrase was a "common, unoriginal and noncopyrightable element of the song".

What was Number 1 on my 14th birthday? Find out what song supposedly 'defines your life'

Blige , P. Diddy , Lil Wayne and many others who rapped their own verses over the song's instrumentals. Her version sampled the original's instrumental and melody with the singer singing her own, newly added verses. Information taken from the liner notes of Get Rich or Die Tryin '. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

UK number one today, October 09 12222

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What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? Enter your date of birth and listen to it!

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What was number 1 on my 14th birthday – how to find out and why does anyone care? | Metro News

Universal Urban. CBS News. MTV Networks. Retrieved November 1, November 28, The Village Voice. Village Voice Media. Carter play". Houston Chronicle. Hearst Corporation. Retrieved July 16, July 2, Buzz Media. Retrieved September 26, Retrieved June 27, Ultratop October 6, Retrieved April 1, Rovi Corporation. Les classement single. GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved October 20, IFPI Greece. June 5, Archived from the original on June 5, Use the birthday calculator.

The birthday calculator is a simple math tool that figures out how many seconds someone has been alive and provides that result in a number of ways. It looks like this:.

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Your Birth Date:September 17, As of May 26, , time elapsed since your birthdate: 31 years months 1, weeks 11, days , hours 16,, minutes 1,,, seconds You were born on a Thursday Age in Dog Years: Age in Galapagos Turtle Years: All birthday calculator results are birthday calculator certified by the birthday calculator geeks that spent way too long programming this birthday calculator for your birthday calculator pleasure. So answer the question: How many days have I been alive?

Here is what our competition promises - see which site gives you the most info. None of them charge so knock yourself out on the birthday calculators. Of course ours includes a free song: Birthday Calculator is an online calendar tool programmed to calculate What is your Age now; according to your birthdate, Month and Year.

Calculate the number of days until your next birthday. Finally a love calculator based on REAL data. Calculate when your next day birthday falls. Type in your date of birth, the day of the week you were born, and let this nifty tool calculate how long you've been alive AND how many days, minutes Calculate birthday days for your birthday, your baby's birthday, or anyone's birthday!

find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday
find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday
find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday
find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday
find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday
find the number 12 song on your birthday Find the number 12 song on your birthday

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