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I am a leo woman. I been with a leo man.. So correct. Still we r not committed, even he is not responding for me. Whether we both get married or No??? I feel he might be in confusion…. He is leo. He is in love with somebody else from his past. Also he is looking for some time alone as well because of his peace of mind needs. Strike him where it hits the most again and again and he is all yours.

Im leo married to Taurus man for 11 years hes the best partner I could ever asked for ,we do have our ups and downs but still going strong.. Virgos are more practical.

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They are good as friends. I say that because I am a leo. I would stay friends with benefits with them. Im a virgo man who is extremely extremely in love with a leo woman whom i worship and adore and would do and have done anything for her that her heart desires. I love her more than life itself. But she still claims she feels nothing for me. We are both married but are in relationship we dont want to be in. Some days she makes me feel like im worth gold then the next outright ignores me like i dont exist.

Hurts me like hell but my love for her is just in my soul and i cant forget her. Been marryed to for 8yrs!! We both are falling out of love with each other!! She needs to be single. Stand firm, loyal, and true, as only a true Leo can always be. Enjoy a wonderful day.

Jay Fragoso. I am a Leo woman who has a boy friend who is under the sign of Sagittarius are we compatible with each other? Me, Leo, n my sag r always disagreeing. Sags are known to go outside the relationship. N mine has. Has all these females he talks to constantly. So is your compatibility prediction a general one r can u give one on a more personal level.

Does that change my compatibility?

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He has broke up with me in August. But I still love him a lot and waiting for him to come back. I am a Leo Woman. Could You please help. I donno whether he is ever gonna come back or not? I really love him a lot and want him back in my life. At Ask-Oracle.

You should be happy that you got rid of him. Last few suggestions: a Keep your expectations close to reality. We humans have some limitations imposed by nature, society and knowledge.

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I am really happy with this website thnx 2 u. YOU r such a nice persan may god always blees you. U solve my biggest problem thanx. U run this website right thn plz tel me tht can ever i wil get my true love and the love which i think in my sweet dreams. If u want any detail about my birthday etc. You need to be more and more truthful, realistic, loving, caring, not fearful, sacrificing, submissive, ready to serve, never complaining, accepting and other such stuff.

Similarly humans keep changing, our bodies grow old, thoughts, mind, blood etc. The question is how to build trust in such a rapidly changing world?? I mean if I trust an ice cube with a faith that it will never melt, this trust will die sooner or later. Its bound to be. Answer is that truth, love, compassion, laughter etc. What kind of help do you want? Take up a daily body exercise routine and it will help you.

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Truth is human body by nature is always changing and decays after death. Wake up. I have this gal whom i think she is the one for me,but trully speaking i doubt that coz i am the one who calls now and then and now i even think that she is using me or something like that. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting.

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Overview Love Money. Daily one email per day. Weekly and Monthly one email per week. Share this. Joey Bennett September 7th, Respectfully, Joey Bennett Like 0. Enoch July 31st, I need wisdom and favour. Like 0.

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love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo
love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo
love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo
love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo
love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo
love horoscope leo Love horoscope leo

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