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Many facts related to those subjects had to be made accessible to all concerned. These documents and facts are buried in the folios which contain the minutes of evidence obtained by the Parliamentary Committees and contemporary histories of India, interwoven with opinions, criticisms and suggestions.

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The purpose of the volume, originally published within a year of the Mutiny, is to disentangle the facts from opinions and to extricate the information from the mass of criticism and controversies. The Author aimed at simply presenting, as faithfully and as concisely as possible, the mechinary of the Anglo-Indian Government as existed immediately before and after the Mutiny.

The revenue map along with a table included in the volume is intended to offer data for a fair comparison of the various systems under which the Land Revenue of India was then collected. The facts and documents contained in this work are still very valuable source material to the students of British India and Indian politics. Begbie The regian, known as Chanda District in former Central Provinces in India, with a Population composed of three main elements, viz. Marathas, Telugus and Gonds is of peculiar interest from linguistic and ethnological points of view. It has also many other claims to distinction : in mineral Wealth it is remarkably rich, it possesses vast forests, its archaeological remains are of unwonted interest, its systems of Agriculture are unusually varied and its irriation system is quite extensive.

This interesting region of Central Indian has been described in this Gazetteer in every detail of its Physical features and the History and culture of its people The work is divided into nine broad chapters treating every aspect of the region. Chapter on history and Archaeology brings the past of a forgotten area into light and those on agriculture, manufacture, trade and communications, Forests and minerals, revenue administration, etc.

The chapter on population gives detailed accounts of the Religions professed by different Ethnic Groups and their social organizations Though much of the basic data collected in the Beginning of this century, on which the work is based, have since changed, the Research value of the descriptions has not diminished. It is still an important source Material to the historians, archeologists, ethnologists, and social scientits.

Begbie', published in the year Keith Relations tic Study on the History of Indian Theories of polity, the Book critically analyses Ancient Texts like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Arthasastra, epigraphic records and the other branches of Sanskrit literature. With a deep sight into the subject the author highlights various types of states in ancient India, the origin of kingship, rules of succession among the hiers of a deceased king, the Religious aspects of ancient Indian polity. Contrary to the Views of some Western Indologists, it is now proved beyond all doubts that in ancient India there was intensive study of the practical aspect of Government and of Relations between states and those Topics were subjected to minute analysis by writers on politics.

During the days of the awakening of Political aspirations in India, in the early years of this century, a keen interest in the history of Indian theories of polity was aroused. The Discovery of the Arthasastra greatly added to this interest and scholarly researches were enthusiastically conducted in the subject.

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  6. The learned author of the present work has made a valuable addition to the existing Research work on Indian policy. His treatment of the subject is both authentic and exhaustive. It covers the whole field. He has based his work has made a valuable addition to the existing research work on Indian policy. He has based his work on ancient texts like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Arthasastra of Kautilya, epigraphic records and Material culled from other branches of Sanskrit literature.

    The author has discussed various types of states in ancient India, the origin of kingship, rules of succession among the heirs of a deceased king, the duties and daily routine of a king, evolution of the Principal state-officials, the religious aspects of ancient Indian polity, etc.

    The author has occasions to express views in opposition to those of several scholars both Eastern and Western but he has always given full grounds in support of his views. The clearness with which he has set out his views, the care with which he has collected the relevant evidence, and the moderation of his Criticism render his work a contribution of substantial importance and lasting value. Keith', published in the year The subject of this book is Religion.

    In ancient times, India was not the same topographically as she stands now. In this study, The Author has made a laudable attempt to trace the History of such topographical changes which have taken place since A Few centuries prior to the Christian era. Innes The Sikhs, a great power to reckon with since the later part of the 17th century, use from a small land of adherents of mystic teacher, in the line of medieval Indian saints, to a war-like community with political ambition and firm determination to end the oppressive authority and expansion of the Mughal emperors.

    They were prepared to sacrifice everything for their ideals. Their sacrifices have hardly any parallel in world history. In the early 19th century when the Mughal rule of Delhi was ritually supplanted by the British, the Sikhs came into contact with the latter power. After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who had tactfully provided any serious clashes with the British, confrontation between the British and the Sikhs are called Sikh wars in history.

    The brave Sikhs would finally be cultured and the state of Punjab annexed by the British only after prolonged wars and sustained political manoeuvres. This book originally published in , is a comprehensive account of the Sikhs, their religious tenets, organizations, rise to power, state administration and wars with the British. The real value of the book lies in its authenticity as the authors have spared no pains to utilize all powers of information - early published works as well as various unpublished materials.

    It is a very valuable source book for the history of British India. Innes', published in the year Gupta Ramesh Chunder Dutt is one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of nineteenth century Indian thinkers both in History and literature as well as in contemporary politico-economic conditions. His innumerable writings on India's economic conditions under the British rule, and on the Cultural Heritage of this Country are too well known to need any fresh introduction; they made his name known in India, as well as in the West.

    He was at once a man of great capacity and of great character. The present work is, as the title indicates, an Account in great details, of the life and works of the above mentioned thinker. The work is not simply a Narrative biography, but it has been written from a particular standpoint-it depicts the life of Romesh Chunder Dutt, an acknowledged master in the field of Indian economic history and administration, as a chapter of the contemporary national life.

    The present work describes all the stages of the life of Ramesh Chunder Dutt and his Career both as an administrator and as a writer. All his works have been reviewed to highlight their importance in the field of scholarship and national movement. A Good collection from Romesh Chunder's correspondence, included in the work, has greatly enhanced its value. The work is profusely illustrated by rare Portraits of Ramesh Chunder and his family.

    The subject of this book is Political Science. Howell S. Mukhopadhyaya', published in the year Vol:- 4 vols. Set in 7 parts.. Hutton', published in the year Vol:- 1st. Vol:- 2nd. Vol:- 3rd. YEAR - J. Beal Samuel Manisha Karne This is the biography of Hiuen-Tsiang by one of his beloved and devoted disciple Shaman Hwui Li recording all that is important and interesting in the eventful life of the master.

    Besides giving full details of his life, the biography tells many fascinating stories of the long travels of the piligrim to and from India, not Known from other source.

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    Beal Samuel Manisha Karne', published in the year D to A. D of the Kashmir history. Jonaraja has vividly described the decline of Hindu civilization of Kashmir. There is the clear description without any prejudice about the muslim regions, the contributions of the god among them and oppressors and prosecutors.

    B. V. Raman

    The present work is the only complete English translation of Jonaraja s work in existence. Translation By Jogesh Chunder Dutt', published in the year Krom Barabudur, the most magnificent monument in Java, Indonesia, is a colossal structure justly regarded as a veritable wonder by the whole world.

    This noble architecture, built in the early ninth century A. The five lower terraces are encircled by four successive galleries which contain eleven series of sculptured panels depicting the life of the Buddha and other Buddhist stories. The total number of sculptured panels in the galleries is about Not only this massive grandeur but the fine quality of the immense decorations, extensive relief sculptures and the numerous images of the Buddha deeply impress any visitor. The combination of massive quantity and fine quality invests Barabudur with a unique character.

    It has hardly any parallel in the world, and it may be truly remarked of its artists that 'they conceived like giants and finished like jewellers'. The life of the Buddha and other Buddhist stories depicted on the sculptures of Barabudur are not the imagination of the artists but based on the imagination of Sarvastivada and Vajrayana schools of Buddhism and are directly related to the ancient texts like Avadanas, Jatakas, Jatakamala, Gandavyuhastura, etc. A complete explanation of all that is depicted in this most splendid creation of Hindu-Javan culture was, therefore, not very easy, though efforts had been made since the beginning of the present century.

    It was possible thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of the then Government of the Netherlands. A complete series of photographs of the monument were made between and Then Koninklijk Institut vooi de Taat, Land-en Volkenkunde van Neder-Landsch-Indie was commissioned to publish the archaeological and architectural descriptions of Barabudur.

    The result of this project was the publication of a monograph in Dutch, in two volumes, the archaeological part by Nicholas Johannes Krom and the architectural part by T. Van Erp, with photographs in three big folios. The work well represents the quantity and quality of the subject it deals with. The author of the archaeological part has recorded all that is known about the significance of Barabudur and what could be gained from the original sources mentioned above.

    An English edition of the archaeological part, in very limited copies, was issued, in , in two volumes with plates of photographs which is long out of print. The present publication if an photographic reproduction of the English edition in its entirety of the text and the illustrations. Krom', published in the year Vol:- 5 vols. These places came under the influence of Indian civilization, in remote past and gradually flourished into powerful empires, rich both in material attainments and cultural refinements.

    The history and culture of these places are both interesting and culture of these places are both interesting and instructive.

    Prashna Jyotish Part 1

    Apart from the importance of these regions in themselves, the study of Indian civilization must be regarded imperfect as long as the achievements of Indians and local people who imbibed Indian culture in the Far East, are not taken into account. But very little about these regions was known till Dr. Majumdar drew our attention to this field of research through his pioneering works in India. Suvarnadvipa in two volumes is the fruit of one of his painstaking researches.

    The author has used all the available material brought to light by the Dutch savants and all native and foreign sources, viz. He has interpreted various stories that throw light on the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism in Java, Bali, and Borneo and studied and used local inscriptions as source materials. He deals with the Sailendra Empire and later Indo-Javanese empires with fullness and care. It is an interesting theme told in an interesting manner. The first volume is devoted to the study of the political history upto the downfall of the Hindu kingdoms in Suvarnadvipa, while the second volume deals with the cultural history.

    Subjects covered by the second volume are law and socio-economic conditions, literature, religions, use of Sanskrit, art and architecture in different ancient sites, etc.


    The value of the work has been enhanced by seventy-five plates of illustrations. Samaddar A valuable contribution to the political thought of Indian polity, the book highlights the ideals, philosophical bases and the foundations of ancient Indian political thought and social, religious and administrative bases of the polity.

    Samaddar', published in the year AUTHOR NAME - Dinesh Chandra Sen A landmark in the history and criticism of Bengali literature, in this encyclopedic work, the author presents an elaborate and authentic account of the origin and development of Bengali language and literature, from the earliest period upto the late nineteenth century.

    Sivaswamy', published in the year Contrary to the view of the Western orientalists that ancient India produced only philosophers and mystics to utter neglect of all secular aspects of life which state of affair resulted in repeated subjugation of the nation by foreigners, it has been proved by Indian scholars, once and again, that Indians were not backward in materiat sciences and political thought and statecraft.

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